Recruitment is done according to the specific requirements arising out of the activities in the Company.

The objective is constant improvement of products quality due to staff skills and their high qualification.

The Company management team has developed and formulated a common policy on quality management as a part of an overall Company policy. The quality assurance program is a tool that is used on a daily basis, in order to work in a professional, organized and competitive manner. Our requirements are that the efforts, of every one employee in the Company, to be focused on maximum acceptance and implementation of this policy.

In this regard, we are guided by the following management principles:

Delegating rights to each employee and encouraging them to take independent decisions, within the limits of their authority;
Motivating the staff, through providing highly qualified and constant professional improvement , which meets the requirements of the activity;
Implementing main processes and cooperation with interested parties in strict observance of the ethical and moral norms of behavior by all employees.