Sandblasting nozzles

Sandblasting nozzles

Boron carbide is the hardest material after the diamond and after the cubic boron nitride.

The sandblasting nozzles produced of boron carbide perform excellent operation characteristics and the best “price – service life” ratio. Depending on the blasting media used, their service life may vary from 1000 up to 1200 operation hours. In their wear resistance boron carbide nozzles exceed the silicon carbide ones 8 to 10 times, the corundum ones – up to 16 times, the tungsten carbide nozzles – approximately 34 times and those made of steel and cast iron – over 100 times.

Due to the outstanding wear resistance of the material – even when aggressive abrasives are used – Boron Carbide nozzles provide the following advantages compared to Tungsten carbide ones:

Much longer service life - from 3 up to 25 times longer service life depending on the blast media used

Reduced operational costs - approx. 3 times lower when most aggressive media are used

Boron Carbide nozzles reduce replacement costs approximately 70%. They cost more initially, but offer much longer service life. Operational cost of one hour blasting with a Boron Carbide nozzle is about 1/3 of the operational cost of the cheaper nozzles.

Carbide ones allows the contractor to save approximately 800 per 1000 blasting hours (at each point of operation!!!)

Facilitated maintenance
less changeovers resulting in reduced idle time for changeovers;

Facilitated manual operation
Being about 5 times lighter than WC ones Boron Carbide nozzles diminish operator’s fatigue

Average service lives of boron carbide nozzles with 4 - 6 bar air pressure and blasting grain size of 1 - 2 mm:
Wire pellets: 1'500 - 2'000 hours
Quartz sand: 1'000 - 1'500 hours
Corundum: 300 - 500 hours
Silicon carbide: 100 - 150 hours
Density: 2,48 - 2,51 g/cm3

Nozzle comparison


Product range comprises over 100 entries of different Boron Carbide nozzles in the following dimensions - outlet diameter from 4 to 15 mm and length from 20 to 220 mm – and the following variety:

•Nozzles with straight bore /normal nozzles/ and venturi bore; lead-in nozzles;

•Standard entry and wide throat high production venturi nozzles;

•Nozzles for direct hose connection, flanged nozzles for a nozzle holder assisted attachment, threaded nozzles;

•Nozzles for field operation and for sandblasting cabins and rooms;

•Nozzles in steel jacket and in aluminum jacket;

•Standard nozzles and specialty nozzles /incl. angled nozzles 20°and 40°, fish tail nozzles – with conical inlet and flat outlet, blasting heads with 4 lateral outlets, suitable for internal blasting of tubes/ – Special units for internal blasting of pipes with internal diam. 75-300mm and 200–900 mm.

In addition to the standard types and sizes, we also accepts orders for custom nozzles accomplished with client’s drawings, which enables us to provide nozzles compatible with any brand of sandblasting equipment marketed today.


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