A mixture of refractory fractions, additives and cements which after mixing with water turn into a solid material preserving its structural properties under the aggressive influence of high temperature and other agents.

Retek Ltd. Is offering a large variety of refractory castables on the basis of different refractory components (fireclay, bauxite, corundum, silicon carbide, magnesia, etc.) and cements - castables with medium (MCC), low (LCC) and ultra low (ULCC) cement content as well as no cement (NCC) castables.

Refractory castables are widely used in various high temperature applications in the iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, machine building, foundries, the ceramic, cement and glass industry, power stations, etc.

Refractory castables are usually placed by casting, vibrocasting, gunning. Gunning does not require the use of formers; it is commonly applied for repairs of damaged zones of the refractory lining.