Carbon raiser

In the last few years, Grapholite was recognized as the most qualitative carbon raiser for the production of ductile in Bulgaria. Due to its very high purity and graphite crystal structure, Grapholite is a unique form of carbon, providing significant advantages. Extremely low content of volatiles, makes Grapholite a perfect material for use in the final stages of iron and steel processing in the ladle.

Grapholite is produced only from graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces. This ensures stable quality of the carbon-raiser, excluding the possibility of contamination.

Chemical analysis by weight %






min 98

max 0,05

max 0,2

max 1,5

max 0,2



Dimensions, mm*



0 – 10,0

Added in induction furnaces


0 – 5,0

Quicker dissolve of carbon


0 – 1,0

Injection in the ladle

*- Depends on the customer’s request we can offer other sizes.

 Grapholite GL-10  Grapholite GL-05  Grapholite GL-01

Advantages :

The  Grapholite reduces:

-          consumption of a carbon raiser

-          energy consumption

-          modifiers consumption

-          furnace wearing

-          the risk of slag inclusions

-          heat duration

-          whitening of iron castings


The Grapholite improves:

-          Cast structure

-          Productivity

-          Consumption of carbon raiser

-          The stability of quality


The morphology, chemical composition and crystal structure of the carbon raisers have a great effect on the overall cost of the production of high solid ductile castings and grey iron. Combined application and economic benefits, obtained from the usage of Grapholite, makes possible, for the foundries, production of castings in a particularly effective way.


Absorption of carbon

Comparing with oil and metallurgical coke, the Grapholite ensures the highest absorption and shortest time of carbon dissolution. Thus it becomes possible to use a larger amount of steel scrap in the cast iron foundries.