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UMK Insulating Mixture is used in steel mills for insulation of molten metal in ladle and tundish and in foundries for dead heads.

It has very good insulating properties.

Providing thermal isolation results in maintaining consistent temperature in the ladle and tundish and also prevents temperature drop and freezing of metal in longer duration casting. Increases wait-time of hot metal in the ladle or tundish. The material does not burn when contacting steel, this results in better working conditions for the personal and for the equipment.

UMK is engineered for use on a wide range of steel grades and casting facilities ranging from billet, bloom, and traditional and thin slab casters. It has very good expandability and spreadability, so that it expands and spreads instantly and homogenously to cover entire molten steel surface in the ladle/ tundish, creating a liquid slag layer. It keeps the slag liquid so it can easily be poured in the slag ladle, after the casting. It has low bulk density when compared to other tundish/ladle flux.

UMK Insulating Mixture is a free flowing nontoxic and nonhazardous mixture. Due to its unique content based on the natural minerals, it seals the surface of the molten steel in the tundish and casting ladle.
The mixture does not include rice hull, which avoids two major problems related to working environment concerns and are driving forces in substituting rice husk ash based materials:

because of its low bulk density (0,24 to 0,32 g/cm³) and small particle size, some of the ash hulls becomes airborne when it comes in contact with hot metal.

there is no thermal conversion of SiO into crystalline cristobalite which make it non health hazard.

Technical specification in .pdf file

Main advantages:

•Cost effective
•Low consumption rate (approx. from 0,8 to 1,2 kg Insulating Mixture per ton), due to expansion of the mixture
•Energy saver, as the Insulating Mixture provide perfect thermal insulation in the ladle and limits the heat-loss
•The insulating mixture doesn’t react with the refractories. Even more, due to its mineral structure our Insulating Mixture is highly
absorbent and clean the slag and residuals in the ladle and tundish, and thus will increase the lifetime of the refractory bricks.
•improves working conditions for the staff, as there is no burning of the insulation mixture when it is in contact with the liquid steel.
•Can withstand service temperatures of up to 1750 °C

On request we can design customized product conjunction with the customer so the chemistry of the product to be compatible with the customer’s metallurgical requirements.


15 kg paper bags or adapted to customers needs.


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