Due to its high temperature resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion and thermal shock resistance, graphite is widely used in metallurgy, mechanics, electrical, chemical, textile, defense and other industries.

We offer graphite for the production of various details, molds and EDM electrodes - tubes, solid circles and cubes, according to the size required by the client. You can see the full specification in our brochure:

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Graphite scrap 

Also we have on stock graphite rods, big diameters, from new graphite electrodes as follows:

dia350 - density 1,68 g/cm3
dia250 - density 1,72-1,74 g/cm3


and from used graphite electrodes:

dia450 - density 1,74-1,76 g/cm3
dia300 и dia500 - density 1,72-1,74 g/cm3


   We buy all sizes and quantities of consumed / used graphite electrodes, as well as EDM and graphite powder, which will help you achieve corporate or personal recycling goals.